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Mr. Famous Saves Hip Hop and R&B With His Creativity

Mr Famous is a talented upcoming Hip Hop and R&B artist hailing from Southside Jamaica Queens. At an early age this young superstar discovered that creating music was his passion. Uplifting and educating people through his songs was always his main goal. While chasing his dreams, Mr Famous was faced with some trials and tribulations. He got caught up in the streets and ended up spending time in prison. Now this creative future legend is working everyday to make a difference in his community.

After going through his catalog of music, I can say this phenomenal rising star definitely has the potential to make it big. One of my favorite songs he created was “Teach.” In that song he spoke about police brutality, our people needing knowledge, going through his spiritual awakening in prison, and how the system was designed for us to fail. He believes that we will one day rise as a people if we become unified and learn who we are.

Now Mr. Famous is back with an exclusive freestyle called “Talk” which I know you will all enjoy. On this track he spoke about the losses he took and how our people rather be enslaved than to change for the better. He also let his mother know that he’s on the road to riches and he won’t let nothing stop him from being great. Check out both videos below and let your family / friends know about this incredible artist.

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