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Oso Chopp Is On The Rise To Become One Of The Biggest Artist In The Game

Oso Chopp dominated the game all year. It all started out with the release of his video “Recipe” which features Rcyn Stacks and Strap 1700. Since the song dropped numerous promoters in the Tri-State area has booked him to perform. One of his biggest shows took place at The American Dream Mall in New Jersey. So many fans came out to see him rock the stage. His performance was one of the best. For 20 minutes he had the crowd going crazy for him. I was grateful to have the opportunity to see him turn up.

Oso Chopp video received over 23K views on YouTube. His local news reporter did a whole story about him in a News Paper. He was also placed on several blogs like Yahoo Sports and more. A writer over at Hype Magazine did a story on him as well. DJ Scripz interviewed him on his podcast. Dawn Ellison who is the CEO of Code 31 also interviewed him on her platform.

On Oct 1, 2023 Karon Reid, who is the CEO of Miyagi Management was able to get this young superstar music played at a Boxing Match. This event was put together by James Hogan who is CEO of Ponytail Promotions. This phenomenal event turned out to be a great success. Now Oso Chopp is set to perform on December 9th at another Ponytail Promotions Boxing affair. This is definitely a great way to end the year for this talented artist. Check out his video below and share it amongst your peers. Follow him on Instagram @osochopp

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