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August 3rd 2021 two of the most influential rap groups took to the stage at Madison Square Garden for a epic night like know other. One group repping HARLEM New York, the other group repping YONKERS New York, both groups The Lox and Dipset face off hit for hit for the crown 👑

Both groups put on a amazing performance, however THE LOX is trending and going viral big time for the win. Some say DIPSET still is and always will be one of the hottest rap groups known for fashion and swag , but many are saying that The Lox is the best group pound for pound, hit for hit, bars for bars, with Jadakiss putting New York on his back ranked Top 5 Dead Or Alive on the microphone 🎤!!!!

Moral of the story it was all in all a amazing celebration for both camps and both camp plan to do a world hiphop tour together hoping to sell out tickets in every city/state. Are y’all ready for a DIPSET and LOX tour? Many would most likely love to see this. Stay tune as we will soon bring you dates to the next Dipset and Lox shows.

by: Industry21mag

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