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Cardi B's Worth

From Uber to Facebook, everything seems to literally be "Up!" for the Bronx Born Rapper...and she knows it.

In an interview with XXL, the rapper admitted that at first she settled for less, but wont let it happen again.

Cardi also gives props to Offset for her financial advise saying, “...And then, my husband, he’s really fu**ing smart with numbers. I don’t pay him. I don’t pay him nothing,” she said. “So, it’s just like, when he’s super direct and when he tells me the truth and when he be like, ‘You deserve this. You need this. You need that,’ it’s just like, he’s not telling me this because he’s gonna benefit something from it. There’s nothing to benefit. He just want to see me win. So, it’s just like, ‘You’re right.’ And I feel like I’m such a nice person, and he’s like…”

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